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This is a place for the families of special needs individuals to find support as they care for their bodies, emotions, relationships, and spirituality.



For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to help people live an abundant life.  In 2007 I received my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and set off on a career helping people to strengthen their relationships.  I have been married to my husband, David, since 2005, and we serve as Christian ministers at our church near Atlanta, GA.  Together we have two beautiful and spirited sons.  Our oldest, Luke, was born with a severe congenital heart defect and will face difficult physical and cognitive challenges for the rest of his life.  You can read all about Luke’s story as it unfolded here.  

Being the mom of a child with special needs oftentimes feels like walking through deep swirling water and scorching fire.  It has sent me on a search for natural tools to help me thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is my mission to share those tools with other special needs families through my blog, workshops, and social media.  



What I Provide


Sometimes we need a little help to process our feelings about challenging experiences.  Emotional Breakthrough Coaching gives you the opportunity to acknowledge, process, and release emotions and thought cycles that keep you from moving forward through the use of essential oils and a knowledgeable, compassionate guide.

Holding Hands


I am passionate about discovering what works to help families like ours thrive physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally, and then sharing those discoveries through classes and workshops. Topics include: Self-Care for the Caregiver, Thriving in Your Marriage, and Mind, Emotions, and Essential Oils. Join me for my next class!

Group Therapy


I have been using essential oils and other natural solutions to improve the well-being of myself and my family since 2013.  Keeping these magnificent tools in our home has empowered us to face many of life's everyday emergencies on our own.  It puts me in the driver's seat of our physical and emotional health so that I feel grounded and confident.  It would be my joy and pleasure to personally coach you to do the same. Schedule a consult with me today.

Group Discussion


Straight From the Source

Female Entrepreneur

After being educated about the true benefits of essential oils and introduced to doTERRA by Rachael, my life has changed.  She has helped me conquer health issues from insomnia to chronic back pain.  I will always be an essential oil user and now so is my entire family.

Melanie Walton

Middle Aged Woman

Rachael is always willing to share her knowledge and help you with any issues or questions you have.  Her knowledge of oils and her passion for them and their healing properties is outstanding.  I use doTerra essential oils every day in one way or another.  They are a part of my everyday life.

Deborah Harlin

Female Handyman

I wish I had these essential oils ages ago!  They have changed the way I cope with stress and meet emotional challenges.  Best of all, learning about doTERRA essential oils has set my feet on a path of exploring how I can address our family's needs in a healthier, natural way.  I can't imagine my life without these tools!

Renee Powell



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