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We have three pathways to change the way we experience life:  Thoughts, Behaviors, and Emotions.  Oftentimes, traditional mental health therapy focuses on the first two pathways.  An Emotional Breakthrough session isn’t therapy. These sessions focus on the third path to change by allowing you to recognize difficult emotions and limiting beliefs, process and then release them, freeing you up to receive feelings of safety, support, and freedom.  

We complete this process in tandem with using essential oils that are Certified Pure Tested Grade.  Essential oils are highly concentrated versions of the powerful natural oils found within plants.  Many of these plants have been used for centuries to aid people in physical healing, emotional support, and spiritual development.  You only have to walk for a short time in a forest to understand what powerful emotional healers plants can be. 

Emotional Breakthrough Sessions take between 45-60 minutes.  During this time I will guide you to:

  • Identify difficult emotions 

  • Ask questions to help you deepen your understanding of the root of those emotions

  • Use declarative statements to help you release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and adopt healthier ones 

  • Gently move your physical body which in turn helps you to move out negative emotions 

  • Use essential oils, deep breathing, and visualization to help you feel supported 

*Financial assistance available for members of my essential oil community.  Join here. 

Emotional Breakthrough Sessions: Services




Includes a single Emotional Breakthrough session (45-60 minutes) and essential oils for use during that session.



Includes three Emotional Breakthrough sessions (45-60 minutes each), essential oils for use during those sessions, and personal training to continue your emotional work independently.

Emotional Breakthrough Sessions: Price List
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